Holy rabbit catchers batman, it's an update! Err, yeah...I have update my site, with, another page. What is on it? You will see (or you will probably just skip over reading this and see below). I know, it has been like 3 months or something since I actually updated this site, but I am working on a secret project that like, two people know about, and one of those has no idea what he knows . Anyways, most of you probably do not know, but I made a script to tell the 500th visitor to take a picture of the page and send it to me, I also said that I would update it if they did. I didn't expect anyone to do that, but go figure, someone did and now I am stuck with updating the page.

What is the update? Basically I am going to tell you why I haven't been making this site, and why I won't be for a bit. As I said, I am working on a secret project (no, I won't tell you, unless you are special) and I probably won't do anything with this site until I am done with that project. I may however do *something* with this site before then if I have some free time, am bored, waiting on something, or whatever and feel like it. How long will my project take? People will probably know about it hopefully by November or December, if not sometime next year .

Anyways, enough of me rambling (or not). We were (un)lucky enough to have a screenshot of the 500th hit (like you guys care, we *all* know you are just here for entertainment ) sent to us by LFLFM, yes that is the person's (nick)name who sent in the screenshot. Who is s/he? I am not entirely sure -- I know s/he is a person that happens to go to one of the channels (chat rooms) on the same IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Network that I do. (If you want to know more about IRC, visit mIRC.com or DAL.net) Now, on with the screenshot!

The Screenshot: *gasp*, ooo, ahhh

(click for larger version)

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